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"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until
it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life."

- Jane Addams

Students at UIC have the luxury of experiencing “college” in the world-class urban center of Chicago. With that luxury comes responsibility – to self and community – to maintain a healthful and safe environment in which all have the opportunity to learn and succeed.

A tradition of community service is inherent within our own campus community. Before the University of Illinois ever decided to open its first Chicagoland location at historic Navy Pier, our current neighborhood was served by Jane Addams herself, who opened homes and houses for immigrants and those who needed help establishing themselves as new residents in a younger Chicago. Her historic Hull House sits alongside our current home on campus, and UIC students witness Addams’ legacy on a daily basis on campus and beyond.

Service programs promote community engagement while helping students develop a sense of personal responsibility to community progress. Through intentional, educational, interactive, and reflective experiences, UIC students work to accommodate community needs through challenged and supported experiences that encourage their own growth and learning.

UIC students are challenged to understand the difference among the concepts of community service, volunteerism, philanthropy, and service-learning through a wide variety of opportunities, including:

  • "Speaking of Service (S.O.S.)" series;
  • Get Involved in Service Experiences (GIVE) series;
  • Make a Difference Day (sponsored by City Year); and
  • the annual UIC Day of Service.