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Civic Engagement Opportunities and Programs


Are you registered to vote? If you have an Illinois state ID or driver's license, you can register to vote online by visiting: If you don't have an Illinois state ID or driver's license, but you are a citizen who lives in Illinois, you can register to vote by mail by filling out this form: For general information about voting and elections in Illinois, please visit:



Join Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services, in partnership with Undergraduate Student Government, as we host watch parties for the presidential and vice presidential debates! These are non-partisan opportunities where students can watch the debates, learn about candidates and the issues, and get connected with other civically-engaged students. To view specific dates for upcoming watch parties, visit

Debate watch parties


Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services is a proud sponsor of UIC's Constitution Day, hosted by the Department of Political Science in partnership with other UIC civic organizations. Every September, the Constitution Day program includes a lecture from a distinguished civic scholar, a series of engagement opportunities offered by departments a round campus, and the chance to network with students and professionals interested in government, law, and society.

Constitution Day


Each September, thousands of groups and individuals across the country take part in National Voter Registration Day. This non-partisan event works to register voters, mobilize volunteers, educate individuals, and encourage civic participation. During UIC's National Voter Registration Day event, SLDVS helps register voters and provides information about upcoming elections.

National Voter Regestation Day


Registered to vote? Now get informed! Each election, Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services creates and distributes a non-partisan informational voter guide that covers statewide races and ballot questions, as well as provides information about voter registration, finding polling places, and rights at the polls. SLDVS is committed to encouraging students and members of the UIC community to become informed and active citizens. We take no position on any of the candidates or ballot questions, and we provide fair and equal information on all candidates, if available. Both digital and printed copies of the voter guide are available for distribution.


Illinois Connection is the grassroots advocacy network for the University of Illinois.

Through this initiative alumni, students, faculty and friends serve as advocates for the University to ensure support from the state and federal government. By joining Illinois Connection, you will become part of a growing network of over 15,000 loyal alumni, students, and friends.

As a vital part of this initiative, you will decide your own level of involvement. You can choose to:

  • Share your "UI experience" with your personal and professional network
  • Write your legislators an email during key decision making times
  • Send a letter-to-the-editor in support of the University
  • Meet with your elected official

Help us advocate for state and federal funding, student financial aid, and research -- which will help ensure a bright, successful future for the University of Illinois. For more information visit,

Illinois Connections